13ft x 9ft Wind Tunnel




The 13ft x 9ft Wind Tunnel


The Wind Tunnel - exterior view

The shell of the 246-metre long air circuit of the 13ft x 9ft Wind Tunnel was constructed primarily of reinforced concrete.  A 31-foot diameter six-bladed fan driven by a 1500hp [1125Kw] electric motor provided the power source. In terms of its uniformity and steadiness, the airflow in the test section was of such a quality as to make it one of the best low-speed wind tunnels in the world. Its speed range was up to 200mph. A particular feature was that, equipped with a moving belt “runway”, it had a capability for assessing the take-off and landing characteristics of air vehicles. It remains fully operational today in the ownership of Red Bull Formula 1 racing.

A model in the tunnel




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