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M D Dobson: The Royal Aircraft Establishment Bedford, Its Technological Contribution to the Design of the Concorde Supersonic Transport Aircraft

Being the leading research establishment for experimental aerodynamics in the UK, the information generated by RAE Bedford in support of the design of the Supersonic Transport Aircraft, which was to become Concorde, was truly enormous. This work was enabled by the Establishment’s advanced wind tunnels and flight test aircraft, some of which were built specifically for the research purpose. The scope of the work ranged from the basic wing design through to the creation of autopilot control laws to manage a required climb profile, which was generally too complex for a pilot to handle but necessary for the economic operation of the aircraft. At one stage virtually the whole of the Establishment’s work force was engaged directly or indirectly on the Project. This book seeks to provide an historical record of that involvement by drawing together and reviewing all of the research and development programmes which RAE Bedford so successfully undertook.

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