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'Life and Times at RAE Bedford'

This page allows access to our documentation relating to people and events at the Bedford Establishment.

Michael D Dobson initiated a study of our collection of RAE News magazines. Further work by the BAHG team.

Please be aware that each Volume is substantial and will take several minutes to access; downloading is suggested for your convenience.

There are four Volumes:, each may be accessed using the highlighted link

Vol 1 covers the period to  1959  - Volume 1

Vol 2 covers the decade  1960 - 1969  -  Volume 2

Vol 3 covers the decade  1970 - 1979  -  Volume 3

Vol 2 covers the decade  1980 - the final issue  -  Volume 4










A major innovation was the water spray arresting gear, also known as the “Direct Acting Gear” (DAG).
The first picture (neg NAD1-2050) shows a Scimitar testing this. The second picture shows the water curtain produced.




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