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Open Day at Royal Aircraft Establishment 1964

Sound – No; Duration - 7m 17s; Monochrome.

Various wind tunnel shots, including wind tunnel models. Internal shots of a wind tunnel trial. 13’ x 9’ tunnel external view.
Pilot (Dave Zala) using a flight simulator. Simulator view on the approach. Sequences of rolling map display.
Various wind tunnel models on display. One model represents the Anglo-French Concorde.
Sea Vixen lining up on the steam catapult, followed by a take-off.
View of the test load sled running along the catapult deck.
Canberra WK135 being arrested by ‘foam’ on the runway.
Whirlwind helicopter, with a model of Concorde below.
Short SB5, WG768 flying past.

Canberra - Bruntingthorpe Cold War Jets 2014

Sound – Yes; Duration - 5m 19s; Colour.

English Electric Canberra, WT333, in her 'Raspberry Ripple' Royal Aircraft Establishment colours, doing an engine start and fast taxi run at the Bruntingthorpe Cold War Jets Open Day on Sunday 25 May 2014. 

Last Days at RAE Bedford - Aircraft Departures  

Sound – Yes; Duration - 21m 07s; Colour. 

Film taken on 24 March 1994 by Bill Johns showing various aircraft departing the airfield for the final time. Numerous RAE employees are to be seen - Scientists, technicians and aircrew.
The aircraft shown are: BAC 1-11 XX105 (very low fly past), HS 748 XW 750, various Canberras (WT327, WK163), Tornado GR1 ZA326, VAAC Harrier low pass over Aero Flight, Sea King helicopter (very last flight from Thurleigh March 27 1994).
Various gatherings in the buildings….. shots of numerous people.
In car shots…….. from BLEU pilot block,  past Main hangar.
Empty main hangar shots.

RAE Bedford - Airfield flyover and Departure of BAC 1-11 ZE443

Sound – Yes; Duration - 12m 57s; Colour.

On board light aircraft video, initially taxying out from main apron, past main hangar.
After takeoff, views of runways, NAD, BLEU hangar, Fire station, Control tower, Aero Flight, BLEU, main gate and Tunnel site.
Landing on runway 27, taxying into BLEU hangar apron.
The departure of ZE442 (at 6m 18s) on 25 August 1993.
Various people and the aircraft taking off, followed by two low fly pasts.

RAE Bedford TV reports and Auction

Sound – Yes; Duration - 8m 5s; Colour.

Local TV reports on arrivals at Bruntingthorpe of ex RAF and RAE aircraft and the auctions that followed the closure of RAE Bedford and Farnborough. Initially a Victor shown landing at Bruntingthorpe then RAE Bedford Canberra in flight at Bruntingthorpe.

Report on RAE Bedford aircraft auction - Vickers Viscount, modified Buccaneer with Tornado radar nose XX897. 

The end of RAE Bedford - March 1994.

Sound – Yes; Duration - 10m 21s; Colour.

The End of RAE Bedford.
Main aircraft pan with various aircraft. Departure of BAC 1-11 XX105, takeoff and fly past.
Departure of various Canberras and fly pasts.
Low level fly past by Lynx helicopter.
Tornado ZA326 departure, takeoff and two fast fly pasts.
VAAC Harrier fly past and hover at Aero Flight.

RAE Bedford - American Day - August 1992

Sound – Yes; Duration - 46m 08s; Colour and B/W.

306th Bombardment Group reunion.
Shots in colour during WWII showing USAAF personnel and aircraft. Account of the 306th Bombardment Group arriving at Thurleigh.
Ceremony at the memorial near the entrance to RAE Bedford Officers Mess.
WWII footage of Thurleigh with the visit of the King and Queen in November 1942.
Display of both flying and static aircraft at RAE Bedford.
Red Arrows give a display, despite the poor weather. RAE aircraft seen:-Tornado ZA 326, Buccaneer XX 897 BAC 1-11 XX 105.
Fly past by several RAE fixed wing aircraft. Fly past by RAE helicopters; Sea King; Wessex and Gazelle.
Display by VAAC aircraft; P51 Mustang , Spitfire, last flying Mosquito,  B17G.
Evening meal in NAD Hangar - Herb Miller band. 

RAE Bedford  American Day 26/8/92

Sound – Yes; Duration - 9m 36s; Colour.

Various RAE Bedford aircraft: Tornado ZA326, Buccaneer XX897, BAC1-11 XX105, VAAC Harrier, a line of Canberras: WH953, XH568, WJ992, XH567, WT327 and WK163 the altitude record Holder.
Inside view of NAD Hangar in readiness for American evening.
BAC 1-11 G-BGKE, Viscount XT575, Wessex Helicopter XR503.
Views of main airfield workshops. BLEU Hangar and pilots block.
Red Arrows tacking off. Various historic aircraft: Spitfire, Mustang on display.
BAC 1-11 XX105, various helicopters, VAAC Harrier,  B 17 , Mosquito,  Sea King in flight.

The Story of the Harrier

Sound – Yes; Duration - 10m 01s; Colour

Sequences of the Flying Bedstead and the Short SC1, Ryan X13 Vertijet, VFW VAK 191B, EWR VJ 101, Dassault Balzac, Hawker P1127, and Kestrel.
Pegasus engine test rigs.

RAE research into 4D navigation and Direct Voice Input.

Sound – Yes; Duration - 14m 00s; Colour.

Part of a Frontiers TV programme showing the work of the Civil Avionics section. The original programme was broadcast in 1989.
Research on 4D navigation and Direct Voice Input.
Several shots of the inside and outside of BAC 1-11 XX105.

Royal Aircraft Establishment wind tunnel testing facility - urban  exploration.

Sound – Yes; Duration - 4m 28s; Monochrome.

Exploring the
Royal Aircraft Establishment 3x3ft wind tunnel - after decommissioning.

Princess Margaret at RAE Jubilee 1955.

Sound – No; Duration - 6m 28s; Monochrome.

This video is mainly taken at RAE Farnborough, but at 4m 37s the Flying Bedstead can be seen.


Blind Flying 1965.

Sound – Yes; Duration - 1m 46s; Colour.

From British Pathé.
Video shows aircrew (John Murdin) and Varsity (BLEU) WL665 leaving Bedford pan and then carrying out an automatic landing.

Rough sea on Land (1963).

Sound – Yes; Duration - 0m 57s; Monochrome.

From British Pathé.
A Westland Wasp helicopter landing on the rolling platform at RAE Bedford.


Harnessing a Whirlwind (1957)

Sound – Yes; Duration - 2m 30s; Monochrome.

From British Pathé.
Video shows  the opening of the  8’ x 8’ Wind Tunnel at Bedford.
Also seen is the DH110 and Sea Hawk WV922 on the steam catapult at Bedford.
The Sea Hawk is then arrested.




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